Month: March 2017

GRSF Releases Annual Report for Season 13

View the report online, or download the PDF. Download a copy of the 990 Public Disclosure.

An Iliad

[special_heading title="An Iliad" subtitle="by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare"] Based on Homer’s The Iliad, translated by Robert Fagles "... the most powerful piece of theater I have seen in my life.... It was one woman, but a show so immense, so powerful, there almost wasn’t room for her inside that nearly bare black-box theater...."  …
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Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors explores the essential human longing for what makes us whole. We examine the need to find our other half, and in so doing, find ourselves. And …..oh yes…… it’s a COMEDY! The set up is simple: Two sets of twins separated early in life end up in the same town and hilarity…
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Shipwrecked: An Entertainment

[special_heading title="SHIPWRECKED: An Entertainment " subtitle="THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF LOUIS DE ROUGEMONT (AS TOLD BY HIMSELF) " animated="no"] by Donald Margulies "The Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright Donald Margulies scampers to the defense of good old-fashioned yarn spinning with SHIPWRECKED. The breathless story of a Victorian gentleman [and] seafaring wanderer springs to life like a theatrical pop-up…
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Richard III

[callout_box title="“Conscience is but a word that cowards use, " subtitle="Devised at first to keep the strong in awe”"] Politics is a game for Richard, a wickedly funny hunchback on a bloody campaign to seize the English crown. He may be backstabbing and manipulative, but he is so mesmerizing you can’t look away. For the…
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