Page 4 - GRSF 2016 Annual Report
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ACTOR: Caroline Amos
The premier place to experience Shakespeare’s stories as our own.
Our Mission
To create dynamic, clearly spoken productions of Shakespeare’s plays which enrich people’s lives.
To accomplish our mission, we:
• Engage and sustain a highly skilled company of theater professionals including Equity actors.
• Seek and treasure patrons and partners who value and support the Festival’s commitment to bringing Shakespeare to the people and making artistic excellence affordable.
• Contribute to the region’s vitality and prosperity.
• Provide educational opportunities for learners of all ages and backgrounds.
• Stage plays by other playwrights and encourage artistic events of high quality.
• Explore Shakespeare’s language and themes in order to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in conversation relevant to their lives, community, and world.
Our Core Values
In all we do, we are passionately committed to: • Respect, empathy, and compassion
• Excellence, authenticity, and innovation
• Outreach and education
• Accessibility and affordability
• Honesty, responsibility, and accountability • Diversity and inclusiveness

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