Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Written By: William Shakespeare
Directed By: Doug Scholz-Carlson*

Fast paced, funny, and vibrant with the passion of youth, Romeo and Juliet is a romantic comedy until it’s not. Shakespeare’s most familiar love story may not be as familiar as you think.

Romeo and Juliet

Artwork by Peter Sandker

Director’s Note:

Teenagers make bad choices.

It was true in Verona in the 1400s; it is true today. Every one of us has a story to illustrate the point, so why does this particular story merit retelling? Why are Romeo and Juliet still inspiring everything from operas to plays to films?. The Royal Shakespeare Company retold the story recently via Twitter. Elvis Costello retold it in an album based on letters to Juliet that lovers had stuck into the cracks in the wall of Juliet’s supposed house in Verona. I’m told there is even a play by Shakespeare on the subject. For more than 400 hundred years we’ve been telling this story, and we don’t appear to have any desire to stop.

I used to think it was a story of idealistic youth. Better to have love that is a raging inferno even if it burns out than nurse that flame down to the gentle embers of old age. Now that I’ve seen my own 14 year old daughter play the role, I think the story is about the adults. Teens will be teens, but the adults need to grow up and guide the children to maturity. Maybe someday I’ll start to think it is the story of a ruler who can’t find the balance between tyranny and anarchy, or perhaps I’ll think it is about a Friar who lacks the strength to lead his congregation to grace and forgiveness.

No matter where I am in my life, I find myself in this story. It’s why I keep coming back. These characters mostly end badly, but it’s not because they are evil. In fact, it is their best qualities that lead them to tragedy. Love, loyalty to friends and family, a desire for justice, a sense of honor – these are all traits we aspire to, and yet, taken to excess, they the undoing of the youth of Verona.

In Romeo and Juliet, we confront some of our worst fears. When the lights go down, we learn again that the world isn’t as simple as we’d like it to be. Mercutio is loyal. Tybalt believes in justice. Neither will survive the evening. And yet there is something grand in this single minded desire to live without compromise or die trying. Romeo and Juliet love. Period. To say, “I can’t live without you” is cliche. Romeo and Juliet mean it. Teenagers do make bad choices – bold, idealistic, passionate, bad choices. Romeo and Juliet remind us what it is to truly live and to love truly. No matter what age we are, we can all use that story.

As Shakespeare puts it: “What love can do, that dares love attempt.” May it ever be so.

Director Doug Scholz-Carlson provides an introduction to Romeo and Juliet in a podcast from KQAL. |  Click here to listen.

Mike Munson performs music from Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet knife fight


Chorus – Christopher Gerson*
Abram – Jim Poulos*
Sampson – Silas Sellnow
Gregory – Michael Fitzpatrick*
Benvolio – Brian White
Tybalt – JuCoby Johnson
Lord Capulet – Robert Ramirez
Lady Capulet – Rosemary Brownlow
Lord Montague – Chris Mixon*
Prince – Christopher Gerson*
Romeo – Benjamin Boucvalt
Paris – Silas Sellnow
Peter- Christopher Gerson*
Nurse – Tarah Flanagan*
Juliet – Caroline Amos
Mercutio – Jim Poulos*
Friar Lawrence – Michael Fitzpatrick*
Simon Catling – Jim Poulos*
Musician – Mike Munson
Balthasar – Jim Poulos*
Apothecary – Brian White
Friar John – Chris Mixon*
Watch – Jim Poulos*
Watch – Brian White

Guitar – Mike Munson
Drums – Zac Barbieur
Violin – Silas Sellnow

*Denotes membership in Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional stage actors and stage managers.
**Denotes membership in United Scenic Artists
***Denotes membership in S*P*A*M (Society of Properties Artisan Managers)


Assistant Director – Stephen M. Miranda
Scenic Designer – R. Eric Stone**
Lighting Mentor – Lonnie Alcaraz**
Costume Designer – Margaret Weedon
Asst. Costume Designer – Caitlin McCarthy
Lighting Designer – Martha Carter
Composer – Mike Munson
Sound Designer – Adam Harris
Properties Director – Nikki Kulas***
Choreographer – Tarah Flanagan*
Fight Choreographer – Doug Scholz-Carlson*
Text/Vocal Coach – Terry Weber
Stage Manager – Daniel Munson*
Stage Management Intern – Kimberly Carolus


Chorus – Scott Johnson
Abram – Scott Johnson
Sampson – Kyle Conner
Gregory – Guillermo Rodriguez
Benvolio – Guillermo Rodriguez
Tybalt – Kyle Conner
Lord Capulet – Kyle Conner
Lady Capulet – De’Onna Prince
Lord Montague – Kyle Conner
Prince – Scott Johnson
Romeo – Cullen Arbaugh
Paris – Kyle Conner
Peter- Scott Johnson
Nurse – Miranda Plant
Juliet – Annie Barbour
Mercutio – Scott Johnson
Friar Lawrence – Guillermo Rodriguez
Simon Catling – Scott Johnson
Balthasar – Scott Johnson
Apothecary – De’Onna Prince
Friar John – De’Onna Prince
Watch – Scott Johnson
Watch – Guillermo Rodriguez

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