FOW Volunteer Teams and Opportunities



Join us!  Volunteer for one or more of these teams!

1. Front-of-House Ushers

Work inside and outside the theatre, take tickets, hand out playbills, assist patrons. Judy Rusert

2. Front-of-House Will Guides

Greet patrons outside the theatre, provide information about GRSF and the Winona community, facilitate traffic flow. Judy Rusert

3. Hospitality

Donate or prepare food for GRSF Company meals, especially in mid-June.

4. Move In/Move Out

Help move bins to and from the East Lake Apartments at Winona State University at the beginning and end of the season. Tom Hoffmann

5. Materials Distribution

Distribute GRSF promotional materials in Winona and surrounding areas. Dee Cipov, Blandine Berthelot, Tracy Morgan

6. Transportation

Transport visiting artists, actors, speakers, and GRSF Company to and from area airports. Jim Nelson

7. Concessions/Parking

Staff the concessions booth and parking areas during the season when Apprentices/Interns are in production.  Terry Hawkings

8. Other/Special Projects

Occasional help is needed with educational programming, costume shop, hand sewing, and last minute projects. Terry Hawkings

Additional Steering Committee Team Responsibilities


Gathers information and publish periodic e-newsletter for Friends of Will.  Post newsletters and content on the GRSF Friends of Will Web pages and blog. Mary Alice Anderson

Volunteer Liason

The resource as new volunteers have questions about teams and roles.   Jean Hayes

Recording Secretary

Record meeting minutes and have them out to the Steering Committee within a minimal amount of time.  Maintain agendas & minutes.  Write and maintain correspondence as needed including thank you cards. Marsha Yancy

Steering Committee Co-Chairs

Mary Alice Anderson
Terry Hawkings

Team Leaders and the Steering Committee work closely under the direction of assigned GRSF staff. At the completion of the season, they oversee evaluations of the season volunteer work and report this to the Steering Committee. They are responsible for documentation of their volunteer hours and those of all team volunteers.

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