Announcing Season 13!

Announcing Season 13!

Season 13 will again bring three professional productions to GRSF: two of Shakespeare’s plays and a new musical. Artistic Director Doug Scholz-Carlson says of the upcoming season,“This season celebrates the ability of words to change the world. Rosalind creates her ideal partner with gloriously witty banter. Mark Antony changes the history of Rome in a single speech. John Banvard is confounded by the seductive patter of P.T.Barnum. What better way is there to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death than to experience some of his greatest persuasive language?” Without further ado, here are our plays for 2016!

As You Like It

“Love is merely a madness…”

Shakespeare’s beloved comedy As You Like It reveals the liberating power of love. Rosalind, one of Shakespeare’s great women, joins a cast of brilliant comic characters lost in the delightful madness of the Forest of Arden. As You Like It overthrows traditional rules of romance, confuses gender roles, upends nature and politics and allows us to witness how bewildering and utterly enjoyable life can be. Artistic Director Doug Scholz-Carlson directs this play filled with some of Shakespeare’s most well-known songs.


Julius Caesar

“Cry “Havoc” and let slip the dogs of war!”

A fast-moving thriller about the struggle for democracy, Julius Caesar explores power, loyalty, and tragic idealism through the friendship of great men. Shakespeare’s tense drama of high politics is both epic and intimate, with powerful speeches in public squares and whispered conspiracies in dark hallways. Born in the shadows, unlikely alliances set up a chain of events that brings down the once lauded Caesar and thrusts Rome into a disastrous civil war. Led by Director James Edmondson this tale of political intrigue still resonates in our world today.


Georama: A New Musical

“Art imitates life. Life imitates art.”

The final piece of the GRSF Season, Georama, is a new musical that was workshopped by GRSF artists in 2012. In the 1850’s John Banvard was the most famous living painter in the world and the first millionaire artist, world-renowned for his “three-mile long moving panorama” celebrating the majesty of the Mighty Mississippi, and then touring the world with his work. However, his story has been wiped from history. Today an examination of reference books will not turn up a single mention of his name. Georama tells his story. Written by West Hyler and Matt Schatz  with music and lyrics by Matt Schatz with Jack Herrick of the Red Clay Ramblers, Georama is filled with bluegrass music that sets the tone with Americana sounds of the mid 1800’s. Paul Mason Barnes will direct the Minnesota Premiere of this musical.


We are thrilled to begin work on our 13th Season of theater in Winona. Thank you for being part of our artistic journey–we can’t wait to see you back in the theater next summer, or sooner at one of our many events throughout the year!

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