Antonio Duke is a Twin Cities based actor and playwright. His artistic aim is to create stories that embody the black diaspora as authentically as possible. In his writing he focuses on mythology. Within mythos lies intimate and epic circumstances that he’s driven to explore. He conjures most of his muse form black spiritualities; specifically those deities from the Afrocentric Yoruba, Santeria and Vodou traditions. He is an alumnus of the University of Minnesota/Guthrie B.F.A Actor Training Program. He has been seen on stages with Penumbra Theatre, Pillsbury House Theatre, Climb Theatre, Pangea World Theatre, Open Eye Figure Theatre, Teatro Del Pueblo, Mission Theatre Company, Day In Day Out Productions, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival and the Guthrie Theatre. Two of his solo performance pieces were debuted at renowned regional theaters; Ashes of Moons (Pillsbury House Theatre; Naked Stages Fellowship, and Tears of Moons (Guthrie Theatre’s Solo Emerging Artist Celebration) You can expect to see him cultivating many more stages as his journey continues to grow.