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“I have a 13 year old that will see each play 2-3 times using student rush. He has been hooked since he saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream when he was only 8. Thanks for providing this awesome opportunity.”

What does it mean when a community comes together? At the Great River Shakespeare Festival the lights go down, the actors speak, and together we begin a conversation about love, war, jealousy, truth, honor, grace. Together.

Because of your donation, together means all of us. Commercial theaters charge $100 or more per ticket, and that’s about what GRSF would have to charge to pay for the theater you see with only ticket revenue. $100 tickets would mean the woman quoted above, who works in a local hotel, would never think of sending her 8 year old to a play. $100 tickets would mean this conversation is only for the elite.

And the plays we produce are only the beginning. From education to accessibility to outreach and collaboration, GRSF serves the Winona community and the southeastern Minnesota region in many ways. Learn more about what your donations support by clicking these links:

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We don’t know where the next generation of leaders will come from; we don’t know who among us will conceive the next great idea, but we do know that we are stronger together. We know that our community depends on our ability to talk to each other about what is most important.

Love, war, jealousy, honor, grace. All of us. Together.

Please make a donation to the Great River Shakespeare Festival. From $10 Tuesdays to free previews to the “Best Deal of the Season” passes to student and group discounts and more, GRSF is doing even more this year to ensure everyone in the community has access. Your donation makes it possible.

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The Great River Shakespeare Festival is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible.