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We don’t actually need a willow cabin, but here is what your donation buys:
                 $4.89 buys a box of wig pins.
               $20 buys 16oz of stage blood.
              $30 makes possible a $10 student ticket.
             $64 buys all the pencils we need in rehearsal.
            $225 pays an intern for a week.
           $600 pays for our fight choreographer.
          $1,000 feeds our tech crew for every two-show day in the season.
         $1,200 provides a full scholarship for an apprentice actor.
        $3,000 buys swords, lanterns, furniture and other props for our productions.
       $5,000 buys the fabric for our costumes.
      $5,500 pays for our entire Intern/Apprentice project.
     $7,500 builds the sets for our productions.
    $10,000 pays for Concerts on the Green.
   $12,000 pays for our spring school residency program.
  $13,200 pays our office rent for one year.
 $30,000 pays for our entire non-union acting company.
$40,000 pays for company housing for the summer.

Photo Credits: John Maltese, Corey Allen, Donny Repsher,
Tarah Flanagan, Robert Montgomery, and Michael Fitzpatrick; King Henry V, 2013. Photo by Michal Daniel.
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The Great River Shakespeare Festival is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible.