Design Expo March 18, 2018

Design Expo March 18, 2018

FREE pre-season event for all ages!

Every year, the GRSF artistic staff (directors, designers, and craftspeople) meet for a conference in Winona to discuss the design elements for the upcoming season.

Assistant Technical Director Rachel Lann works in the Scene Shop

The weekend culminates in a public expo where community members can get a look at the early design drawings and set renderings, ask questions, and learn about the artistic process. This is a great opportunity to hear from directors and designers about the vision for the season. You’ll also get a chance to hear casting announcements before they are announced to the general public.

Do you have creative young people in your family? Bring them along! We’ll be talking about a new education program, Shakespeare for Young Filmmakers, as well as our other summer programs. This is a great opportunity for artistic young folks to get up close and personal with the “pros”!