Video Auditions

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Thanks for your willingness to try this technology experiment. Video auditions are exactly like a live audition except that we will meet virtually. We’ll talk a bit, you’ll perform your monologues and then we’ll chat a bit more.

Before your audition, take a moment to find a good space in which to perform. Video equipped classrooms are by far the best choice, but the audition can work perfectly well in your apartment if you have a reliable, fast internet connection. Make sure you have plenty of light and a space where you can step away from the computer and perform. Remember that I will see whatever is in the background behind you, so pay attention to where you are pointing the camera. Finally, place your computer or phone high enough so that I get good view of your performance.

Auditions are on Saturday, January 17, 2015. Check back as there may be more dates posted later.

  1. Make sure you have filled out the Apprentice Actor Training Program Application, and emailed your photo and resume.
  2. Please sign up for a time here:
  3. Once you have a time, fill out the form below.

click here. If these times fill up, please email auditions[at] and we will add more times.