Great River Guys: Spread the Word

Lee: Hey Doug, I was in the Hy Vee the other day and heard such and such about so and so.

Doug: Okay…

Lee: And then, when I was at the bakery, I heard that you know who might be you know what.

089Doug: Was this a particularly bad winter for you Lee? Are you feeling alright?

Lee: I’m fine, I’m just noticing how folks like to catch up on things in town, do they not? We have the internet and email, but what I love about Winona is you have to add five minutes, sometimes ten, onto any schedule for catch up time.

Doug: Catch up time?

Lee: When you are at the Kwik Trip and you bump into “oh that guy” and they want to talk about “what have you.” You have to leave time to spread the word.

Doug: I see where you are going with this.

Lee: Good, so jump right in and spread the word.

Doug: So, last weekend at the History Center, did you know GRSF had their Spring Preview?

Lee: You don’t say. No Doug, I didn’t. I was up north with my cousin who has that painful rash. What did I miss?

Doug: Well, we unveiled the final painting by Julia Crozier – the poster image for “Hamlet.”

Lee: Oh I love her, she had that gallery show downtown, didn’t she?

Hamlet imageDoug: Yes she did, and there is a picture of her newest painting for GRSF on our website.

Lee: That is nice, I’d hang that right in my house.

Doug: You can, Lee. We have posters of all four of our Season 11 paintings by Julia for sale right now in our office and will have them all season long.

Lee: And I like that cute little light blue button you are wearing there, Doug. Is that new?

Doug: Yes, that is our Wills Opening Weekend button.

Lee: Yes, it says that right there – W.O.W.!

Doug: This button gets you into all our parties on opening weekend. 10 bucks for three parties and lots of other special events.

WOW button 2014-2Lee: Wow- it does seem like I missed so much this weekend.

Doug: No, Lee, the opening weekend is June 27th. So there are buttons for sale right now-

Lee: In the GRSF office?

Doug: That’s right. Last weekend was the Season Preview– We talked about the sets and costumes and announced who was going to play what this season at GRSF-

Lee: OOh, I want to know who is going to play Hamlet-

Doug: Well that is going to be Andrew Carlson- an audience favorite for many years, who is returning this season just to play the role! And John Daly is playing Falstaff in Merry WIves.

Lee: What about all the others, and what are the sets going to look like?

Doug: Well, Merry Wives of Windsor, is going to have artistic elements that suggest turn of the century Winona, windows and buildings we all know, and a canoe. The first three letters of Windsor are the same as Winona after all.

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