NEW VIDEO! “The Stories We Tell”

Sometimes what happens behind the scenes is much more dramatic or funny that what’s happening on-stage. Hear some of these “Stories We Tell” in the latest GRSF Video!

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  1. Here is a great story that was posted in the comments on our YouTube page: We were in a production of Hamlet. And the guy who played Hamlet was in the middle of his to be or not to be speech. A bee flew up and decided to sting him on his nose. apparently he fell to the floor an absolute horror, that his best speech was ruined. Meanwhile the SM was so shocked she forgot to unlock the secret closet that Claudius and I were secluded in. So we had to stop the show to mend Hamlet’s wounded pride and get us out of the Claudius. I was mortified at the time, but it turned out to be the best show ever!

  2. And one of my own backstage stories: great Minneapolis actor Richard Ooms was on a school tour doing “Hamlet” with me in Stillwater. As Polonius, he was supposed dismiss Claudius to talk with Hamlet by saying “I will board him presently.” Instead he said: “I will mount him suddenly.”

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