King Henry V


King Henry V

That simple statement, spoken by The Chorus in Shakespeare’s brilliant King Henry V captures the essence of making plays as well as the aesthetic philosophy of the Great River Shakespeare Festival. King Henry V continues the story of young Prince Hal from King Henry IV. Now grown up and coming into his own as England’s great and beloved king, Hal has freed himself from the wastrel ways and tavern temptations that shaped his youth, tarnished his reputation, and disaffected him from his father and his countrymen – but which also gave him a clear eye and the common touch.

Interpreted as often as a pro-war play as it is an anti-war play, Shakespeare puts the cost of war in full view and, as with all of his plays, let’s us make up our own minds. Filled with action and, as with King Henry IV, a surprising amount of humor, King Henry V will mark GRSF’s third excursion into Shakespeare’s history plays. James Edmondson (King Lear, 2012) will direct.

Riddled with famous lines, rippling with bold action and leavened with humor, “Henry V” is practically irresistible

–Tom Weber, Rochester Post-Bulletin (7/5/13)


Stephanie Lambourn and Doug Scholz-Carlson in King Henry V. Photo by Michal Daniel.