“Conscience is but a word that cowards use,
Devised at first to keep the strong in awe”

Politics is a game for Richard, a wickedly funny hunchback on a bloody campaign to seize the English crown. He may be backstabbing and manipulative, but he is so mesmerizing you can’t look away. For the fractious ruling elite, a deal with the devil seems a small price to pay to gain power — until the game has consequences. Founding company member Christopher Gerson stars as the charismatic villain in Shakespeare’s fast paced thriller.


Caroline Amos Lady Anne/Citizen/Messenger
Benjamin Boucvalt Duke of Buckingham
Christopher Gerson* Richard, Duke of Gloucester
Alex Givens Lord Rivers/Bishop of Ely/Duke of Norfolk
Stephanie Lambourn* Queen Elizabeth
Katie LeSuer Duchess of York/Citizen/Earl of Oxford
Melissa Maxwell* Queen Margaret/Citizen/Scrivener/Sir James Blunt
Duncan McIntyre Lord Hastings/Sir Richard Ratcliffe
Christopher Peltier Murderer/Lord Mayor/Sir James Tyrrel/Henry, Earl of Richmond
Silas Sellnow Sir William Catesby
Jason Michael Spelbring* ….. George, Duke of Clarence/King Edward IV/Lord Stanley
Emma Bucknam Richard, Duke of York
Adeline Matthees Edward, Prince of Wales

*Member Actors’ Equity Association

Creative Team

Doug Scholz-Carlson …… Director
Bryan Hunt Text Coach
R. Eric Stone^ Set Designer
Rebecca Bernstein Costume Designer
Lonnie Alcaraz^ Lighting Designer
Katherine Horowitz Sound Designer
Connor McEvoy Properites
Laura Wendt* Stage Manager
Nico Quinn Assistant Director
Brittany Brown Assistant Stage Manager
Joseph Millett Production Manager

^Member, United Scenic Artists