August 2nd: Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest

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Free event: join us to hear actors from the GRSF Company read the winning sonnets from the 7th Annual Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest. Click here to read more about the contest and find out how you can enter.

Best Humorous Sonnet – 2013
Farm Girl

Julia Crozier - BirdsJune’s truck comes up the road—she honks the horn
and says, “Hop in.” I do. She pops the clutch
and peels away, the stick through gears, her touch
so light and yet so firm, her fingers worn
and calloused hard from building fence, her hair
barretted but loose, controlled, the window down,
a hint—Chanel, I think. We head to town
and cruise the square, the courthouse; rednecks stare.

The Ferris wheel, some cotton candy sticks,
her lips, I kiss the flavor at the top.
The lights this late at night, the mermaid moon,
the skin beneath her blouse. The carney clicks
his lever, down we come, gondola stops.
And in her truck I spend the night with June.
–Charlie Southerland, Viola, AR

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