Thank you to everyone who submitted a spooky story!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a spooky story!

Thank you to all of our GRSF community members who submitted story suggestions and original stories for our #GRSFEverywhere Spooky Storytelling event this past weekend. We had a great time and read some fantastic stories.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to read ALL of the stories that were submitted, so we are listing them below so you can read them yourself. Just click the title of each story to read it – a Google document will open up for you. Happy reading!

Apparition by Richard Todd

Tell Me A Lie by Margaret Johnson

The Mystery of the Fateful Lantern by Elizabeth Weiss

He Opened the Coffin by Kathy Peterson

Racing the Horseman by Rayson Lorrey

Banshee by Lynn Nakivil

Who’s Afraid of the Dark? by Terri Karsten

The Ballad of the Landlord’s Daughter by Yvette Flaten (based on The Highwayman)

Lesser of Two Evils by Lorraine Kilmartin

It Was a Dark and Scary Night by Gary Flynn

The Biggest Tree in the World by Emilio DeGrazia

Autumnal Sonnets by Ben Gorman

Haywire by Judith Williams

The Legend of Monkey Jack by Mark Sean Orr (shared by the author, and previously published in Henry County Folklore: Hoosier Tales & Poetry)