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The Friends of Will are volunteers who support the work of the Great River Shakespeare Festival and are ambassadors for GRSF within the greater community. Without our volunteers, Great River Shakespeare Festival could not exist.

Why Become A Friend of Will?

  • Become acquainted and involved with the Company’s professional artists, technicians and staff.
  • Help GRSF complete tasks and grow as an arts organization
  • Experience an unusual degree of pleasure and satisfaction from this unique volunteer opportunity.
The Friends of Will welcome new and returning members. Volunteer opportunities are posted on the blog leading up to and during the GRSF season, and team leaders will reach out to volunteers out for specific events and tasks. Click here to read the Friends of Will blog.

Friends of Will Volunteer positions:

Front of House: Volunteers will work inside the theater and theater lobby. Duties include ushering, taking tickets, distributing playbills, assisting audience members with seating, assisting the House Manager with any issues.

Please note: Front of House volunteer positions require further registration for specific shifts. This happens through Volunteer Local sign-up, which becomes available in late spring.

Hospitality: Volunteers aid in food preparation for the GRSF Company during certain weeks throughout the season.

  • Donate or prepare food for company meals
  • Assist with Meal-Set Up and Clean-Up
  • Act as Host at company meal times
  • Donate money or materials to sponsor a meal

The Hospitality team coordinates menus and hosts. They will contact interested volunteers with specific needs and information.

Move in/Move out Crew: Volunteers assists with preparing housing for the GRSF Company as the arrive in Winona for the season.

  • Help move apartments supplies (GRSF Company Bins) into and out of summer housing at East Lake Apartments
  • May Move In, August Move Out
  • Assist with any other moving-related tasks

Distribution: Volunteers are responsible for assisting in promotion of GRSF through printed materials.

  • Hang up posters in Winona and other towns and cities in the region
  • Distribute seasonal brochures at visitors centers and points of interest
  • Keep materials on hand when travelling to share with festival-goers

Transportation: Team Chariot” is comprised of volunteers who aid in transporting GRSF artists to and from Winona.

  • Pick Up and Drop Off at regional airports or mass transit stations
  • Assist artists in making it to specified locations
  • Shifts available in March, May, June, July and August

Team Chariot organizers will match drivers with artists and assign shifts based on availability.

Special Projects: There are many special and one-time volunteer opportunities with GRSF. Here are a few examples:

  • Assisting the Costume Shop with sewing projects
  • Running Errands for various GRSF Departments
  • Putting together GRSF mass mailings at the Main Office
  • Offering early temporary housing to artists prior to the move-in date at East Lake Apartments
  • Construction Projects
  • And many more exciting chances to share your talents with each passing season!

Friends of Will Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets regularly throughout the year to prepare for the coming season. Many thanks to these incredible volunteers for their wonderful gifts of time and talents.


Contact: Mary Alice Anderson

Visit the Friends of Will Blog for information about Friends of Will Team Leaders and how you can help GRSF!

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